you mentioned earlier that like the br2049 promo tour ‘feels kinda weird’. i guess like they don’t wanna show the movie before to anyone because they don’t want the plot twists to be revealed any time soon. cleary something very important happens in the movie and they wanna avoid spoilering/ ruining the experience to the big audience as much as possible. imo :)

It’s weird the Press won’t see it. Usually the junkets are done after a screening so the journos can ask questions about the movie. I’m doing this ‘job’ since 5 years now and I’ve asked around and I’ve always been told the press sees the movie before the junkets. 

Last year I was invited in Rome for the Italian premiere for The Nice Guys; the junkets were the day after the private screening and the journos in the hall saw the movie a week before  

In this way, what could they ask? Ryan will give the same answer ‘a sniper is ready to shoot at me’ over and over again. 

At this point they could have avoid the junkets at all.